Who are We?

Enjoy outdoor activities and nature

Well-known in almost all schools and to a large number of Parents' Associations. We are Blau Esport S.L., a Sports Management Company whose experience dates back to 1992, the year it was founded.

Thousands of young people and children have participated in all kinds of sports, recreational, social and training activities organized by us.

Committed to nature and the environment that surrounds us, we strive to promote comprehensive and functional education for young people, using play in nature as our main resource.






Our values

The education of the youngest is closely linked to play, fun, and the nature that surrounds them. At Camp, we propose a practical and functional education, based on playful aspects and fun activities, but controlled. Having as the main working tool nature itself and the resources that we are able to extract from it.

Respect for colleagues 100%
Collaborative learning 100%
Critical thinking and research 100%
To foster free expression and creativity 100%
Values and habits education 100%
Acceptance of diversity 100%